Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I just wanted to know has anyone noticed the mistranslations in the first few chapters of Genesis in the Orthodox Study Bible? If i'm wrong, which I hope I am, please let me know. The mistranslations that I noticed are:

Genesis 3:15 & Genesis 4:8

I especially noticed that Genesis 4:8 is omitting a specific passage found in the Septuagint where Cain tells Able "Let's go out to the field." This phrase is missing from the Orthodox Study Bible, but is clearly present in the Septuagint. What's going on?

Peter A. Papoutsis [translator of the Holy Orthodox Bible]


I noticed this kind of thing also (and others on the internet have as well). The OSB is NOT a translation of the LXX as advertised. It is an LXX/MT hybrid. I don't know if they simply haphazardly worked on it, are outright lying, or both, but it is not what it advertises itself to be: an OT from the LXX.

I thought I was going to finally get a single volume Bible with an LXX OT to butresse the NT, but I'm going to have to wait longer. I'm a little angry over it and feel more than a little cheated by them.

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