Friday, December 26, 2008


I received my hardback copy of the Orthodox Study Bible (OSB) in June 2008, having ordered it from in January. Was it worth the wait?

In a word, no. I had hoped for a modern translation of the Greek Old Testament in English with the books in their proper order and all the parts in place. In their “Introduction to the Orthodox Study Bible,” the editors note that “in Orthodoxy’s 200 year history in North America, no English translation of the LXX has ever been produced by the Church.” From what I have seen to date, that statement may still be true: this translation abounds with errors, at least in Genesis and Exodus, as the table near the bottom of this page will demonstrate. When I began to compare the OSB Old Testament with the Greek, I suspected I would end up quibbling about a few passages on the grounds that the patristic understanding had not been taken into account, but end up recommending the work. I didn’t consider the possibility that the editors would permit so many plain mistakes to be published.


Nik Stanosheck said...

Geocities is closed, can you post it here?

R. Zell said...

Thanks for the heads up. I will cross that out of my list of bible studies to buy.


r. Zell